Toubab is the story about a tourist submissive toward his wife, who harasses him by phone. This is my most successful animated movie. I used model for environment, 3d for main characters, and 2d for secondary characters.



Toubab, 2009
director: Vincent Duponchel
production: L’école de la Poudrière
music and sound design: Yan Volsy
kora: Mamoudou Cissoko
director of photography: Frédéric Jamain
animation and characters Td: Guillaume Dufief
editing Nathalie Pate
voices Gilles Fisseau, Iko Madengar, Alimatou Martinet, Anne-Sophie Rey
director of school Annick Teninge
educational director: Laurent Pouvaret
godfathers: Benjamain Legrand, Jérémy Clapin
educational support: Laurent Danchin, Patricia Valeix, Lorenzo Recio, Christophe Héral, Anne Larricq, Stéphane Stradella, Bernard Palacios, Bernard Picaut
technical supervision: Yves Françon
administration: Amandine Vassieux, Annick Rivail, Véronique Fournier



  • Anima Mundi 2010, Animation of Course – Non Competitive
  • Australian International Animation Festival 2010
  • 33es Rencontres Henri Langlois, Festival international des écoles de cinéma
  • London International Animation Festival 2010
  • Anima 2010
  • Sydney International Animation Festival 2010
  • Melbourne International Animation Festival 2010
  • E-magiciens 2009, Prix coup de coeur de la presse
  • Festival de Tournus 2009





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